What we offer

We take a multi-faceted approach to fund management that seeks to create value at every stage of the investment cycle. From sourcing and execution to structuring and management, our processes are strategically conceived to provide maximum benefit to the capital of our funds.

Strategic diversity


Our business operates under an opportunity-driven strategy that is open to a range of alternative investment approaches rather than being tied to a single market or sector.

The selection of products we offer is designed with investor needs in mind, with our portfolio containing balanced and diversified products as well as those focused on specific real estate types and regions.



Every one of our funds stands on the foundations provided by our first-class qualitative and quantitative research capabilities in key real estate markets around the world.

We monitor and analyse international markets, taking into account overarching economic trends and local market data to inform the strategies that direct our fund capital.



Our team employs its experience, knowledge and network to scour the world’s leading markets in search of real estate opportunities capable of adding value to our fund portfolio.

We leverage existing relationships with local partners and operators in Europe, the US, Australia and Southeast Asia to secure high-quality off-market projects with the potential to translate into excellent investor returns.



Though we’re confident in the profitability of every one of our funds, we carefully consider the investment goals to ensure investors are only offered funds that suit their personal wealth strategy.

With the wealth of knowledge we have about the markets we enter and the projects we’re invested in, we’re able to present opportunities that are most appropriate for each investor’s capital strategy and personal risk/return profile.

Low entry cost


Through our property investment fund model, investors have the opportunity to diversify into some of the world’s leading real estate markets at capital investment levels that would otherwise only be available to large institutional investors.

With entry costs low, investors have the opportunity to further minimise risk by diversifying total capital investment across a number of real estate projects in more than a single market.



We’re committed to in-depth forward planning when it comes to the projects we select for our funds, which is why we formulate a number of feasible exit strategies before committing to any acquisition. Beyond this, our team engages in a continual process of detailed market evaluation and analysis, assessing the impact of various factors on our proposed strategies and adjusting our planning as necessary.

The typical holding period for our funds is three-to-seven years. This flexibility allows us the scope to implement the most effective exit strategy possible for each particular fund. The success of our exit strategies to date is well reflected in the leading returns we’ve consistently delivered to investors around the world.