Investment philosophy

IPIM’s primary objective is to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for its clients.

The company seeks to invest and proactively manage assets in selected sectors that are supported by strong demographic trends and markets with favorable market fundamentals.

  • Developed market focus: UK, US, Europe, and Australia
  • Middle market focus: funding deals with US$7 – 25 million equity checks; not directly competing with large institutions
  • Unbiased mentality: open to exploring various asset classes and overlooked markets to uncover compelling opportunities
  • Entrepreneurial & dynamic: lack rigid investment mandate, flexible to adapt investment strategies to changing market conditions and cycles
  • Capitalizes on trends: investment theses driven by strong underlying economic and demographic trends
  • Relative value focus: not biased toward or fixated on global gateway markets, seeks value in strong regional markets
  • Forward-looking investment approach: appetite to invest in unconventional “alternative” real estate sectors on a relative value basis